It is a well known fact that teaching and learning levels in Government, affiliated and aided schools in Punjab have come down to a level that majority of students are unable to compete  even for police and army recruitment. Rural students are unable to get not more than 2 to 3% seats in top level, State / National level institutes, against their number being 60 to 65% of the total student population. Most of the aspiring intelligent students from the rural areas have to go to big cities for getting coaching where they have to pay 1.5 to 2 lakh for their coaching and boarding expenses. Only 4 to 5% of these students are successful in their efforts. Majority of them return back after wasting their time and money. At present there is no proper facility for guidance and coaching in rural towns. A sample survey by Quality Education Foundation (QEF) has revealed that these students are ready to pay sufficient coaching and guidance fees, if the proper arrangements are made for such centers in selected colleges/senior secondary schools  with proper infrastructure arrangements .

In view the above situation the Quality Education Foundation (QEF) in collaboration with Kendri Sikh Vidyak Board (KSVP) has decided to establish guidance and coaching centres for career excellence in the districts of Nawanshahar, Mohali and Ropar, in the selected colleges which have their own collegiate schools with science subjects. These guidance and coaching centres are expected to be organized on no profit no loss basis. In addition to regular teachers of the collegiate schools, teachers of the college and competent retired subject teachers of the area will be employed for extra coaching. The college administration will take the decision regarding fees and funds for teaching and coaching to meet the entire expenditure for the infrastructure including teaching and coaching faculty. The administration of these centers will rest with the principal of the college with the assistance of an expert panel. The systematic steps to be taken for the project are given below:

1.    The concerned college/missionary body will take a final decision to establish the guidance and coaching centre in their college campus under the direct control of the principal of the college.

2.    QEF will help the colleges to identify top intelligent students of the adjoining area by holding one day motivation camp for 8th class and holding a General Ability Test (GAT). The college will admit them as chartered students in their 9th class and provide quality teaching and coaching facilities from 9th to 12th class. The provisions will also be made for selecting the top level English medium 10th class students of the area schools for joining +1 class. The QEF and KSVB will make efforts to arrange scholarships and cash prizes as an ongoing incentive to the students on the basis of Self Improvement Quotient (SIQ) for five years.

3.  The college will hold prize distribution for these classes on the basis of Self Improvement Quotient (SIQ) after comparing the student’s results in Merit Identification Test (MIT) held immediately after the admission of the students in various classes with subsequent house/semester tests.  The accountability/efficiency of the teachers will also be considered on the basis of the Class Improvement Quotient (CIQ).

4.   Orientation workshops for teaching and coaching staff will be organized by the QEF with the help of a panel consisting of coaching and evaluation experts.

5.   Outstanding high achiever students will be adopted as chartered scholars by the college and QEF for helping them to achieve the best level of their excellence even when they join top level national institutes.

6.   The QEF and KSVB will help the colleges to organize guidance and motivation camps every year for each class as an ongoing process. The college will make follow up efforts for keeping the students well informed and motivated for career options in regular morning assemblies. The QEF will arrange expert speakers to address the assembly not more than 20 minutes, if so desired by the principal of the college.

7.   The coaching and guidance for National Defense Academy (NDA) and Combined Defense Services examination will also be arranged along with PMET, IIT and other national level tests. Those students who want to seek employment in banks, railways, government and business offices will also be given coaching.

The above merit promotion projects for the rural areas in Punjab are based on the experience gained from its pilot projects from 1995 to 1999 in the districts of Ropar, Nawanshahar and Fatehgarh Sahib. An expert report on the successful working of the pilot project was submitted to the Education Minister in the presence of Secretary Education, all DPIs and DEOs. The Education Secretary issued a circular to all DPIs, CEOs and DEOs to implement the Merit Promotion Scheme throughout Punjab based on SIQ and Class Improvement Quotient (CIQ) vide their letter no. 244-50-N dated 19-08-1999. The new system had a good start but it was discontinued on account of a change in the government administrative setup, lack of proper infrastructure in the schools and large number of vacancies of science teachers and principals. The system has been once again revived and implemented by the new Director General of Education w.e.f. 2008 as part of Sarva Sikhya Abhiyan with some variations.

There is an increasing awareness among the parents students and even the teachers in the rural areas to make fresh efforts to improve the teaching learning process. We feel that establishment of guidance and coaching centres for career excellence in rural areas will be a great success with the initiative of leading colleges and missionary bodies in the rural areas of Punjab. The students and the parents in the rural areas are looking forward for this new initiative.

List of Experts who participated in Panel discussion on

System Management of Punjab Govt. Schools

For Quality Teaching and Learning Process


1) Justice Ajit Singh Bains, H.No. 30/12, Near Govt. School, Village-Khudda Alisher, U.T., Chandigarh. Phone: 0172-6577831.

2) Sh. K.R. Lakhanpal, IAS Retd., H.No. 638, Sector-16D, Chandigarh, Phone:-0172-2700600. Mobile: – 98767-55555.

3) Dr. Manmohan Singh, IAS Retd., H.No. 84, Phase-7, Mohali, Mobile: 98145-67241.

4) S. Jaspal Singh Gill, IAS Retd., H.NO. 3149, Sector 39A, Chandigarh, Phone:-0172-2393491. Mobile: 98155-09301.

5) S. Gurdev Singh, IAS Retd., President, Sikh Education Society, Guru Gobind Singh College, Sector-26, Chandigarh.

6) S. Ravi Sidhu, IAS Retd., H.No. 911, Sector-39A, Chandigarh, Mobile98147-08777.

7) Dr. N.S. Rattan, IAS Retd., H.No. 168, Sector-33A, Chandigarh, Phone: 0172-2660582, Mobile: 98148-30903.

8) S. Pritam Singh Kohli, IAS Retd., President, Institute of Sikh Studies, H.No. 59, Sector-19A, Chandigarh, and Phone: 0172-5019059, Mobile: 98171-10572.

9) Hardyal Singh, IAS Retd. H.No. 519, Sector-10, Chandigarh.

10) Dr. S.S. Bhatti, Former Principal, Chandigarh College of Architecture, H.No. 3314, Sector-15D, Chandigarh, Phone:-0172-2773258.

11) Retd.Col. S.Jatinder Singh, Sr. Vice President, PHEF, #5777, Sector-38West,Chandigarh. Ph.9815619006.

12) S.S. Sekhon, Chief Archi. Retd., Punjab, Vice president, PHEF, #451, Sector-44A, Chd, Phone:9872230899.

13) N.S. Sandhu, Gen. Sec. PHEF, Phone:981550963

14) Principal B.S. Watani, H.No. 1192 Ext. 5, Sunny Enclave, Kharar, Mobile: 94177-85936.Email.

15) Mrs. Neena Watani, Former Principal D.A.V. College Batala, H.No. 1192 Ext. 5, Sunny Enclave, Kharar, Mobile: 94177-85741.

16) Dr. Devinder Singh Bedi, Director, Shivalik Educational Complex, Phase-6, Mohali.Mob:-98151-31313.

17) S. Mohinder Singh, DD Industries, Retd., H.No. 457, Phase-4, Mohali, Phone: 0172-2220358. Mobile: 98761-55457.

18) Mrs. Satpal Kaur Grewal, Principal Shivalik Institute of Education and Research, Phase-6 Mohali, Phone:-0172-2225809. Mobile: 98141-17459.

19) Dr. Harcharanjeet Kaur Brar, DPI Retd., H.No. 293, Sector-37A, Chandigarh, Phone:-0172-2690293, Mobile:-99151-94293.

20) S. Balraj Singh Hundal, DPI, Retd., H.No. 457, Phase-11, Mohali. Phone: 0172-2212844.

21) Dr. Ajmer Singh, DPI (Admin) Retd. H.No. 5057, Guru Nagar, Chandigarh Road, Ropar, Mobile: 94176-02835.

22) Dr. Gurdev Singh Joshi, Director Science Education, Retd., H.No. 1631, Phase-10, Sector-64, Mohali, Phone: 0172-2212600, Mobile:-9876161631.

23) Mrs. Vidyavati, DPI Retd., H.No. 1071, Sector-37D, Chandigarh, and Phone: 0172-228790.

24) Dr. Jagtar Singh, DPI Retd., H.No. 2541, Sector. 37A, Chandigarh, Mobile: 98761-02541.

25) Mrs. Amrit Kaur, DEO, (Elementary Schools), Phase-2, SAS Nagar, Mohali.

26) Mrs. Parkash kaur Panjal, Govt. Senior Secondary School. Phase-3B2, Mohali, Mobile:-98762-36263.

27) S. Naranjan Singh, DEO, O/o District Education Officer, Govt. Senior Secondary School, Phase-3B2, SAS Nagar, Mohali, Mobile: 98171-83707.

28) S. Narinder Singh, DDEO, O/o District Education Officer, Govt. Senior Secondary School, Phase-3B2, SAS Nagar, Mohali, Mobile: 98555-34236.

29) Mrs. Kuljit Kaur, Lecturer, Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Phase-3B2 Mohali, Mobile: 9872094927.

30) S. Sucha Singh Khatra. Rep. Teacher Union., Village-Mahaln, P.O. Khausera, Tehsil. Anandpur Sahib, Distt. Ropar, 140133, Phone: 9417652947.

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