Rules and Regulation

Rules and Regulation (Updated from time to time as per constitutional provisions)

Founder Life Members:- All those members who initially deposited Rupee 1 Lakh as a founder member or all those who singed the memorandum of the association and initially contributed Rs. 500- as donation with the clear undertaking that he or she will contribute rupees 10 thousand including initial donation and will raise donations of rupees 1 Lakh. In case a single member is unable to raise it alone, he shall help and join the fund raising movement with other members wherein the total amount should be one lakh multiplied with the number of members. In case a founder member does not contribute his amount as above, HeShe will be considered as a founder associate member.

Life Members: – Any person who is recommended by a founder member and subscribes to the aims & objectives of the foundation and its constitution may be admitted as a life member, after paying rupees 10,000- with the clear understanding that he will raise rupees 1 Lakh as donation to the foundation individually or along with other members as in the case of the Founder Life Members.

Associate Members (Non-voting): – Any person who is recommended by a founder member and subscribes to the aims & objectives of the foundation and its constitution may be admitted as an Associate member by paying rupees 500- to the foundation. Associate members will have the privilege of attending all the General meetings and will receive the annual reports every year. An associate member may also become a life member at any time by paying the total amount of 10,000 within five years.

Patrons Honorary Members: – The founder members may invite any outstanding individuals having special qualifications and love for Heritage of Punjab and India.

Office Bearers: – Foundation will have the President, Vice Presidents, General Sectary, Finance Sectary and Public Relations Sectary. The President of the Foundation shall be principal executive of the foundation and can act as such. He may take emergency decisions, act accordingly and shall make a report in the subsequent meeting of the Executive Council. The President shall be elected unanimously and empowered nominate his team in consultation with founder life members.

General Council: – The General Council shall consist of founder life members and life members as given in the rules and regulations above. Experts Associate Members will be requested to attend the Annual General Meeting. The General council shall once a year to receive the statement of account duly audited by a charted accountant along with annual report of the Foundation which will be circulated before the date of meeting. The notice for Annual General Meeting will be issued at least 15 days before the date of the meeting. The General Council shall lay guidelines for the Foundation activities to be carried by the President and His team. One third of the total members ten members (whichever less) will form the quorum. Any amendment or addition to the constitution will be placed for the general council duly recommended by the Executive Council and will be passed at least 2/ 3rd of the members present. The President and his team will have a term for three years which may be extended by one or two years by the Executive Council.

Executive Council: – The Executive shall consist of the President and his team of office Bearers. President however may nominate five to seven members from the General Council. Notwithstanding any vacancy the Executive Council shall be deemed to be duly constituted. All the activities and fairs of the foundation shall be managed by the Executive Council. At least 1/3rd or five members, whichever less, will form the quorum. The Executive Council shall have all powers, whatsoever to manage the financial and administrative affairs of the foundation, including making of working rules and regulations which will be reported to the general council as part of the President’s report.

General : – The council or the Executive Council may delegate the additional specific powers to the President and any office bearer by the President.

The foundation will open accounts in the State Bank of India or any other Scheduled Bank and may invest its funds in a Bank or Company having the approval of the Reserve Bank. The account shall be operated by joint signatures of the President and any one of the office bearers whose signatures have been submitted to the bank duly attested by the President.

Not withstanding any thing in the constitution the executive council consisting of president and his team of office bearers and other members will continue to function until the office bearers are elected by the General Council the meeting of which may have been delayed by the circumstances beyond control.

The foundation may be dissolved by 3/4th of the total members and all the assets and the properties belonging to the foundation will stand transferred to Sri Harmandir Sahib Amritsar. No assets will be distributed among the members.